Foundation for Social-Economic Development of African Communities for Peaceful Co-existence (SEDAC Foundation) is a youth development focused non-profit organisation with a commitment to reducing youth unemployment, poverty, insecurity and hunger in Nigeria. Our aim is to build a peaceful world for the next generation. In view of this, SEDAC builds capacity of young men and women for employment, entrepreneurship, leadership, community service and peace. For us at SEDAC, human development is core to reducing poverty in Nigeria. Since September 2020 when we became fully operational, SEDAC has impacted on the lives of  over 5000 young men, women and girls in Nigeria through capacity building support in education, entrepreneurship and employment skill development which enabled young people get better jobs and created wealth. SEDAC also focuses on promoting education, entrepreneurship and employment by enabling access to apprenticeship, internship and volunteering. We also provide support in strengthening the capacity of micro, small and medium enterprises in Nigeria for high productivity. SEDAC ensures that great percentage of its programme beneficiaries are young women and girls. Our programmes include, youth employability programme, youth entrepreneurship programme, youth leadership programme, young women in business and leadership programme and small business support programme.

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