Our Approach


SEDAC has a unique approach in carrying out its work

  1. We believe in partnership and collaboration. To this end we constantly reach out to other people or organisations to work with us in implementing projects.


  1. We believe in community ownership of projects. In view of this, we select communities to implement projects based on chosen criteria. Map out priority projects for the community. Visit and hold meeting with Community leaders and other stakeholders on the project. Request the community to elect representative and volunteers for the project and lastly allow the community to select the most impactful project among the priority projects. This will ensure that the community is involved in every point from the project planning to conclusion.


  1. We believe in projects that will benefit more people in each community. For instance we focus on project for School Administrators, Teachers, Business Owners, NGOs and Civil Society, Media, Community Leaders/Representatives, Research, Advocacy that will benefit larger society.


  1. We believe in long term impact and relationship for our projects


  1. We believe in Monitoring and Evaluation of our projects to know how impactful the projects are in the community.


However, our project processes are outlined below.

  • Plan long-term projects with larger beneficiary in the community
  • Identify community priorities in the above line
  • Design projects with community contribution
  • Mobilize resource investments
  • Implement projects
  • Monitor and Evaluate


Kindly view SEDAC Foundation Strategy Plan 2021 – 2023 in the link below

SEDAC Foundation Strategy Plan 2021 – 2023


SEDAC Foundation Activities for 2022. Please click on the link below

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