Partner with us on any of these SEDAC Foundation 2022 Programmes


SN Project Name Description Timeline
1 Youth Agribusiness Enterprise Project This is designed to address the issue of widespread youth unemployment and to propel youth toward self-employment in agriculture. It aims at building Sustainable Youth Agricultural Enterprises. We aim at enabling 500 young men and women for agribusiness in 2022 in Nigeria March  and August 2022
2 MSMEs Support Programme This programme is designed build the Capacity of Micro, Small and Medium Businesses in Nigeria for High Productivity. In 2021 SEDAC partnered with Stanbic IBTC, The Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd and Rome Business School to build the capacity of 50 small businesses in Lagos. In 2022, we aim at building capacity of 500 MSMEs for high productivity May and September 2022
3 Youth Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Programme (Project YEA) This project is designed to enhance the economic and employment opportunity of young people in Nigerian by building their capacity in entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship and linkage to dignified employment. In 2021, SEDAC implemented YEA project for Nigerian Breweries in Awo-Omomma Community of Imo State. 75 Young people benefited from the programme. In 2022, we aim at impacting the lives of 1000 unemployed youth. June and September2022
4 Young Women & Girls Support Programme This programme is designed to reduce violence against women and gender inequality and make more women to be self-reliant. In 2020, SEDAC enhanced the capacity of over 100 young women and girls to reduce violence against them. We aim at supporting 500 women in 2022 in preventing violence against them. July 2022
5 SEDAC STEM Project The programme is designed to encourage and promote STEM education especially for girls. In 2022, we aim at reaching over 10000 STEM Students. August 2022
6 SEDAC TTP Project Our TTP initiative is designed to build the capacity of teachers with 21st Century Teaching skill. Teachers have great role in shaping our society. In 2022 we aim at enhancing the capacity of 500 teachers in our TTP project September 2022
7 Project 1000 Writing Materials and Student Mentorship Programme Our Project 1000 writing materials and mentorship is designed to provide writing and reading materials to primary school students in Nigeria with tools as a way of supporting their education. In 2020 and 2021 SEDAC provided writing materials and mentorship to1000 students in primary schools. We aim at distributing 10000 writing materials in 2022. October 2022
8 Young Leaders  Project Our youth Leaders Project is designed to build army of volunteers in community service. SEDAC Foundation implemented this programme in 2020 in Imo State. We aim at developing more 100 young leaders in 2022. November 2022
9 Peace Ambassadors Programme This programme is designed to encourage individuals and organization that encourages and promotes peace in Nigeria through their works. In 2020 SEDAC recognized over 50 individuals and organization who are working for peace in Imo State. We aim at discovering and recognizing 100 individual and organization encouraging peace in 2022. December 2022


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