SEDAC Peace Corps Network (PCN)



As we are aware, without peace in any community there can hardly be any meaningful development in that community and the unity of the community is highly threatened. Also, there are a lot of anger and hatred in the social media especially among the young people of different ethnic origins in Nigeria. So looking at the place of peace in the society, some analyst often describe peace as an organic foundation for any meaningful development across all strata of human endeavors. In his speech on October 1, 2020, President Mohammadu Buhari called for increase in our commitment to peaceful co-existence in a peaceful, secure and united Nigeria. He also advocated tolerance in diversity. For us at SEDAC, we believe that through our peace building initiatives we can champion the course for National Unity and Peaceful Co-existence. One of the ways to achieve this is through our Peace Corps Network, a platform designed for young people to participate in peace building process in their various communities and space.



The purpose of the network are as follows:

  • Advocate for peaceful co-existence in our various communities.
  • Mobilize the citizenry to reduce violence and crime in the society.
  • Create peace awareness at all level
  • Build peace  partnerships up to the community level and social media
  • Inculcate the spirit of tolerance and forgiveness among the citizens
  • Promote values of selflessness and volunteerism
  • Promote dialogue as a way of resolving issues in the community and social media
  • Promoting the culture of peace and sustainable development
  • Provide community level intelligence on crime in the community
  • Reduce tension in the social media
  • Enlightening people to the fact that one cannot win argument through insult and abuse


Roles/Responsibilities of a PCN member

The Roles/Responsibilities of the Peace Corps Network include:

  • Notifying appropriate authority about crime and violence in an area
  • Educating the public on best peace practices
  • Visiting designated areas to assist in settling disagreement if possible
  • Visit the area to get reliable information on the cause of the violence
  • Advising violent and people who are involved in crime
  • Mobilizing and participating in community peace activities
  • Participating effectively in SEDAC activities as required.
  • Mediate in social media disagreement


Requirements For Membership

Requirement to become a member of SEDAC Peace Corps Network area:

  • Must complete the application form;
  • Must be 18 years and above;
  • Must have verifiable contact address;
  • Must be literate
  • Must be able to communicate in English and local language of the community where he or she resides.
  • Must be of good character.


Code Of Conduct

The following are our code of conduct

  • Must be a team player and a bridge builder.
  • Must be of high integrity.
  • Must be able to operate the 3Fs – Friendly, Fair, but Firm;
  • Must have very good human relations;
  • Must show respect for constituted authority; and
  • Must be of good conduct at all times.
  • Must be unbiased in judgement


Mode Of Operation

Every registered PCN:

  • SEDAC will provided an authorized Identification Card (I.D) for him to carry
  • Must maintain contact with the nearest SEDAC office and undertake assignment within areas nearest to SEDAC office.
  • Must be in touch with the appropriate Community, State and Federal authority for intervention when necessary



PCN initiative is expected to generate the following output, among others:

  • A databank of peace ambassadors in the country
  • Reduction in tampering and destruction of properties investments
  • Reduction in crime in our community
  • Increased dialogue awareness and consciousness at all levels in resolving issues
  • A peaceful and united Nigeria.
  • Violent free society
  • Recognizing the strength in our diversity


Benefits to members

The following and more are benefits to our PCN members.

  • Will be recognized as a peace ambassador in the area having successfully volunteered for one year
  • Will receive certificate of volunteering
  • Will receive free training on emerging issues on peace
  • Will be considered to work with SEDAC if the opportunity presents itself
  • Will be recognized in the community as a peacemaker
  • Will receive mentorship in his area of chosen career.
  • Will have the opportunity work directly with Community Leaders, Police and NSCDC officials


Join the Network

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